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Zodiac Sign:


About yourself:
I only watched cycles 3 and 4 of ANTM but Kahlen has stayed with me. She was just a great contestant.

Favorite model(s) besides ANTM contestants:
Elsa Benitez, Heidi Klum, Christy Turlington

Favorite designer(s):
Carolina Herrera

Three words that describe Kahlen:
1. Pretty
2. Funny
3. Determined

Favorite Kahlen Photoshoot(s):
Nature pic

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"Shocking Secrets of ‘America’s Next Top Model'"

“America’s Next Top Model’s” most memorable contestants talk about what you didn’t see on the primetime show. Tyra invites Shandi and her ex-boyfriend to speak for the first time together about the night she cheated in Italy, a “Top Model” finalist talks about the brutal sexual assault that left her emotionally scarred (Kahlen), and a “Top Model” winner shares her personal struggle with addiction (Naima).

Credit: Thanks to envy_naima.
Name: nena
Location: california
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: saggitarious
MSN/AIM/Yahoo: ..
Occupation: none
About yourself: i love models and modeling and everything model and fashion related.
Favorite model(s) besides ANTM contestants: gisele bundchen, gemma ward, and isabeli fontana.
Favorite designer(s): d&g, chanel, versace, dior
Three words that describe Kahlen: fierce, determined, unique
Favorite Kahlen Photoshoot(s): covergirl, the runway show

Adventures with the ANTM girls.

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